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Sometimes I feel like I'm just banging my head against a wall!

I don't know about you, but sometimes I find myself in a place of serious frustration.

Where I feel like I am banging my head against a wall, and just can't seem to make any progress, and falling into a pit of despair seems to be my only option!

This normally happens at least once or twice any time I am going after a seriously important goal!

They type of thing used to cause me to quit, to decide that whatever it was that I wanted to do was "too hard" or that I didn't have the skills required to succeed.

I never realized that these points of frustration or at their worst moments, these points when I quit, were actually my biggest gifts!

First, they told me so much about myself and my own limiting beliefs.

What language am I using? (Here's a hint: it's negative!)

What thoughts keep going on repeat? ("This is too hard." "I don't want t do this" "Nobody else cares about this.")

What is my body doing? (Slouching, spending too much time sitting, and having no energy.)

And second, they gave me the exact point that I needed to work on in order to move forward not just in that goal that I had set but in who I wanted to be as a person.

(Oh check this out, every time I have to call up someone new to pitch an idea to them, I start the downward spiral of interesting...maybe I have something to investigate here?)

So where do you tend to stop?

When you are working towards your goals, or when you are trying to heal a relationship or when you are trying something new?

Where do you stop? Give up?

Is it when you have to make a phone call to talk to someone new?

Is it when you have to sit down at the computer to do research?

Is it when you have to have a hard conversation that requires you to face some hard truths?

Because more then likely if you can pinpoint that exact moment when you give in you are going to start seeing some themes pop up and you can prepare yourself for when those things pop up in the future!

For example, let's say every time you prepare to write an email you love the research and the brainstorming ideas, but once it gets to the point of putting everything into a cohesive well-written email, you find you strangely remember you still need to water your plants, walk your dog and fold the laundry, (obviously I'm not talking about myself) than you can plan for those distractions.

(What works for me is keeping a note pad by my computer so that I can write down the things that pop up that I apparently have to do. That way I can remember that, yes I have to do them, but not right now!)

Or let's say every time you want to have that important conversation with your husband you find yourself thinking of something the kids need or plan a movie night that makes talking impossible.

then maybe it's time to write him a letter or tell him to book a reservation at a restaurant so that you are forced to sit across the table and say the things you have been putting off.

The truth is if you want to find a way to escape doing hard things there are a million ways you can do it.

But after a while, you are going to have to look at yourself and your life and ask why you are stuck doing the same old things and having the same old problems.

If you are serious about changing your life, or reaching your goals, or having those amazing relationships then you are going to have to do the hard work.

And those moments of despair are gifts if you pay attention!

They are the perfect arrows point to what you need to work on, fix or overcome!

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