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Ok, so do you remember this?

Oh my goodness...I just got transported back in time!

I was talking to my kids about what school had been like "way back in my day" and out of no where popped up the memory of, prepare yourself, it's going to blow your mind...


Tell me did your heart just stop? Or was it just my favorite month?

Ok maybe it was just me!!

But it did make me want to share with you some of my favorite books from this year, that I know you are going to love!

So here are my 5 Top books from 2019:

Ok, you all know I love Brenè Brown and this book did not disappoint! If you are looking for a book that calls you to stand up and share your leadership skills this a a definite must read!

Favorite thing I learned: Clarity and honesty is kindness! Don't sugar coat your needs and leave people guessing!


This book is super cute and funny! A great easy read and yet it tackles some tough stuff. Each chapter is laid out to expose a lie that we as women tend to believe

Favorite thing I learned: Her constant reminder that the voices in your head lie to you all the time, what's important is how you respond to those lies!


So this book is for those who are looking for ways to surrender and let go at a whole new level! This is a deep one and there were a couple of times I said "Yes, but..." but sticking with it gave me incredible breakthroughs on what actually matters!

Favorite thing I learned: A step by step approach for tackling things that have affected your life in massive ways and then letting them go!


Sigh, Elizabeth Gilbert, who doesn't love her! I would love her voice to my inner voice!!

She feels like the big sister we all need! If you have ever wanted to do something but held back this book will give you the permission you need to go out there and do it!

Favorite thing I learned: You don't have to kick fear out of the car, it just can't ride shot gun!


Ok I saved this one for last because it's one of my favorite books in the world! It completely changed my life and gave me perspective I had never had before!

If you are looking for some spiritual guidance and a way of look at like through a completely unique lens then this book is for you!

Favorite thing I learned: Too numerous to mention, every single sentence is pure gold!

Just read it!


Each one of these books has changed my life in a measurable was and I hope you pick one up and it makes an impact for you as well!

Even if it's not February - It can always be I love to read month!!

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