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So many of us want change but we keep doing the same old things that have never worked.

We beat our heads against problems and difficulties.convincing ourselves that this time it will work - when what we really need is a new reality. we need to shine a light on the simple unseen opportunities that make all the difference.

I help men see opportunities in a new way - to discover the new perspective that's needed to fully capitalize on what's directly in front of them. this allows men to leave lasting impact at work, on their families, on their communities and on themselves

Men know that without action - nothing happens. And yet so many of us hesitate to take action because of fear, anxiety and the lack of clarity. I help men find that clarity on what they really want, which enables them to take decisive action at the right time, and without all the needless struggle. 

I help men move beyond the fear of a negative outcome - instead, showing them how focusing on progress and taking courageous action is going to give them that they are looking for. 

We know this world is constantly and consistently changing and in order to get beyond just surviving and into thriving, we need to have a mindset based on indestructible strength, courage, and adaptability

I help men not only build that mindset but also find the right strategies to execute that mindset. That regardless of circumstances he can adapt quickly, act courageously and find that inner strength he's going to need to take massive action.

Most men, unfortunately, know inside of themselves that they could be achieving and accomplishing much more then they are, but for some reason instead of stepping out boldly. They hesitate and end up not doing much. We see this everywhere - Good men stepping back when they need to step forward.

I help men be ready to show up when it matters most, for themselves, and others around them. Both in their business and in their personal lives

new way
Find clarity
& take
decisive action
Build & execute an indestructible mindset
Live big
fully alive
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Judge Roger 

Good coaches are hard to find, but great coaches are ever more impossible to locate.

Now comes Coach James. He's not only good, he is great!

James is an international life coach possessing unique qualities of knowledge, dedication and limitless motivation.

His winning combinations create unbelievable results.

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Working with James has been a pleasure and a privilege. I had never used a personal coach before and did not know what to expect, but having worked with James for more than a year  now, I can honestly say that I look forward to our coaching sessions. While I have a busy life, I always put maximum effort into our calls. I play full out because James plays full out too. He does everything that he can to help bring insights to the surface and he has helped me to make many important distinctions. I think James has a talent for helping people really feel and internalize things. I know that it is work to bring the level of energy, feeling and insight that he brings to our coaching sessions, but he makes it feel easy. he gives freely and is genuinely committed to my growth. I really appreciate James' depth and his authenticity.

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It's been nearly a year since I met James. So much has happened since then, I had no idea that during the next year I would go through the deepest and most difficult trails that I ever thought possible. It was during these trials that Coach Heppner's strength and skill as a results coach shone most bright. At first he coached me through the trails, then coached me as the trials came, then coached me just before the had even arrived. His skill was getting ahead of the challenges so that we were always ready for whatever comes. "come what may and love it!" became the new mantra. Although my business is built around my ability to coach and train others, James has consistently been able to coach and train me to a higher level. I have had some incredible mentors and leaders, and can say wth massive passion that  James has contributed as much as anyone - and possibly more - as a coach and a peer. I highly favor James as a coach and recommend him to any driven person who is hungry to grow and succeed no matter what. Despite your unique challenge or circumstance - even if you feel like no one else get it - James will guide you through it.

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